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Play – our way! Why journal?

In order to succeed in life and in your career you need a winners mindset!

I firmly believe in order to achieve that mindset you need to set goals and an action plan in how to achieve your goals.  The Sleepy Hollow Inspired actionable & accountable, reflective journal breaks that down for you.   Your goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, achieveable, realisitic and time relevant.  The key in this is the ‘T’. You decide how quickly you want to achieve your goals but by breaking these down to shorter monthly, weekly and even daily goals this is a sure way to make passive progress in all aspects of your life.

Many people feel overwhelmed when they set huge goals – honestly my advice is don’t be – dream big!  ‘Go big or go home’ as the saying goes has been one of the hardest things I have had to struggle with – my upbringing has been one of modesty and I honestly found it difficult to be over ambitious. Even becoming self employed and leaving the security of a larger employer over 20 years ago would have been seen as a huge risk in our family.  However my struggle to find quality and affordable childcare was one that many other young parents were facing and my desire to want to change that was stronger than any inner voice telling me I was taking a risk.  Believe me each and every day is a risk whether you are employed, self employed or unemployed.  The key to me continuing to strive to do more even twenty years on from taking that leap is through thorough and honest planning – goal setting, being accountable, reflecting on practice and making changes where and when I need to.

Nowadays I set a goal and work backwards.  I use our journals many times through the day.  Im honest and if I haven’t achieved a goal or task that day en route to a goal then I reflect on the reasons for that and carry or amend that goal to the next day.  If you don’t do this daily then your goals fall by the wayside.

Bronagh and I are accountability partners so we tend to share our journaling with each other every week to keep each other on track.

In 2020 the whole Sleepy Hollow staff team will join us in journalling and we will be using these for the basis of the professional development of our team as well as for staff supervisions and appraisals.  That way we will all be on own journey to our individual goals but with a collective purpose.

Happy journaling everyone !

Diane (January 2020)

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