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  • How do I apply to Sleepy Hollow Wrap Around units.

    Fill out the apply now part section on the website.

    If your child already attends school then you may be offered a space immediately if we have availability, if not you will be notified of what category you fall under on our waiting list and your position in that category.

    If your child isn’t due to start school until the next academic year we will keep your details on file and we open enrolment on the second Monday each January for children starting school in that academic year.

  • What age can children start Sleepy Hollow wraparound units - can we take nursery children ?

    We cannot take children of nursery school age in ANY of our wraparound facilities.  The earliest children can start with us is the July prior to starting Primary One.

  • Can my child attend Sleepy Hollow Out of School Camps without attending term time?

    Of course!  We open bookings slightly earlier for our existing clients, but you are totally free to apply for a space for your child to attend out of school camps only.

  • What age can children start in the day nursery?

    We are registered for children as young as six weeks but if you want the honest answer on that … its too young for a child to be placed in group care.  We suggest anywhere from six months upwards.  We can accommodate all parents needs in terms of feeding, weaning, settling in and allergies. We work closely with parents to have a unique care plan in place for our child even though its group care.

  • How can I arrange a viewing of any Sleepy Hollow site.

    The answers is you don’t need to book to come round and view any of our sites … BUT

    We would ask in our Day Nursery that you call round between 9.30am and 11.30 and then any time after 3.30pm.  This is to allow for children sleeping, meal times and to ensure we keep disruption of our children’s routines to a minimum.

    In our wraparounds we suggest calling at breakfast club or again after 3pm to allow the staff to concentrate on pick ups at the busy times of 2pm and 3pm.

  • Why choose Sleepy Hollow over another setting.

    We would love to say that its because we are the best – and whilst we truly believe we are – there are many many other excellent childcare facilities in Northern Ireland who are each offering their own unique services.  We would suggest that you make enquiries with several settings before settling on one – childcare is such a big decision and an expense so its important that you make the right choice.

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